Our Privacy Policies
Our Privacy Policies

Our Privacy Policies


We respect and value your qualified privacy.
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We respect and value your qualified privacy.
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The online landscape is constantly changing, making it challenging to secure communications effectively. Although, you can be rest assured, we take reasonable measures safeguarding the sensitive information required for our interactions with you. Moreover, our aim is to uphold your privacy and confidentiality while also being upfront about constraints in digital environments. Furthermore, it is essential that you know the limits and make informed support decisions. We cannot guarantee privacy online nor warrant that in-person services and facilities are COVID-19-free.  


We respect and value your qualified privacy.
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Our Servers

These servers have the following features:

  • Password Safeguarded Directories
  • SSL Manager
  • SSL Certificate
  • Firewall

Meanwhile, we are enthusiastic about collaborating with you. Presently we gather data, which includes aggregated details, and securely store this information. Please note that we do not engage in the sale of private and confidential data.

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada (2004) states, “Most non-profits are not subject to the Act because they do not engage in commercial activities.” You’ll be able to read more at Privacy Commissioner.


We respect and value your qualified privacy.
Banff National Park, along with several other alpine parks, provides magnificent trees that offer shade, privacy, and an ideal spot for picnicking. Nevertheless, exercise caution, especially if you come across a tree that emits creaking sounds, as it may not possess the stability you desire.


There are exceptions to privacy in the circumstances, for example, where there is a substantive and imminent risk to self or others. Therefore,  please do not provide personal details, including your Social Insurance Number or financial data, through email or chat or assume all the risks of providing such information. Moreover, your information may be processed in a foreign country and accessible to law enforcement and national security authorities of that jurisdiction. For example, your Internet Protocol address allows computers linked to the Internet to know where to transmit data so that it reaches you. We apply this data to make particular website sections accessible when you request this to assess overall Internet traffic.

We are not responsible for external websites’ behaviours or policies.

Finally, by using this website, including its architecture and functions, you agree to the Privacy Policies. If you have questions, please get in touch with us.

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