With head, heart and hand!

    • Thank you for visiting our website and we welcome guests from such locations as Canada, the United States, Australia, and the Netherlands. Our sister organization in Alberta was established as not-for-profit organisation in 1998.  The “Trident” represents three points including head, heart, and hand. Knowledge guides empathy and strategies. We aim to develop the lives of individuals, couples, families, and organisations across the provinces, nations and in international jurisdictions.  Ask us about our free telephone-based initial twenty-minute consultation. We offer a diverse set of service options to assist you before your life situations reach damaging proportions.


      We provide you with:

      • Coverage Opportunities: Insurance providers could cover our services. You may have small or no out-of-pocket expenses.
      • Flexible Arrangements: We work with you and aim for you to have convenient scheduling to meet your work or home obligations.
      • Short Wait List: Access to services through the telephone or the Internet is usually under 48 hours, if not on the same day.
      • Prevention Approaches: We make suggestions as to how manage your stress.
      • Short & Long Term Help: The core causes of your stress, not just the symptoms are focused upon.
      • Webpages:  This website does not create any lawyer and client or counsellor and client relationship.   It is not intended to provide legal advice and does not offer this. You should consult with a lawyer who is familiar with the issues and the laws of your country.
      • Commissioner for Oaths: A Commissioner for Oaths is available to administer an oath or take or receive an affidavit, declaration or affirmation.

Geary is one of our directors. In 2008 she was awarded her Ph.D. Later through continuing studies Geary was awarded her LLB and MA (Psychology) degrees. In 2009 she was the recipient of a Bar Association Human Rights Prize. In Geary’s thesis work for her MA she liaised with governments and professionals across six countries. Geary’s scholarship lies at the intersection of such areas as public policy, law, education, counseling, psychology, health services, international relations, and human rights. She is an educational and forensic practitioner, who is informed by both practice and research in aspects of public policy and law. This provides her with opportunities for international collaboration, and to develop interests in holistic and preventative policies and practices. She has more than thirty years of direct practice and research experience and has written three books, two research theses, chapters in edited books, as well as numerous articles.  In sum, she has an interdisciplinary background and an eclectic practice.

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