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Life is often challenging, and we may see a need for an instruction manual on the art of compromise. Each of us has unique values, ideas, and beliefs, and others at home or work are likely to have different and competing interests and situations. Sometimes these interests are shared, and we can work alongside a family member or co-worker to achieve both collaborative processes and outcomes. As we move forward to achieve a particular mission and vision, our values and strategies often differ from others who may not share our priorities. Change happens, family members and co-workers could feel vulnerable as they adjust to different or modified functions and roles. These are impacted, for example, by biological, psychological, and technological factors 

Steveston, British Columbia, is depicted in the image above. This town flourished and hosted international visitors from the 1890’s to 1910. The town began to decline from 1913 onwards due to the decline of the salmon industry. 

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