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Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI) is a means for you to access education and development services (Canadian Bar Association n.d.; Department of Justice, 2015). Through these services, you can receive personalized PLEI material from identifying and sharing information about legal aspects to address your needs. One of our directors, Geary, combines decades of experience with her multiple educational qualifications in public policy, law, education, and distance education to augment practices and procedures in Public Legal Education and Information.

We offer you opportunities to extend your public and legal knowledge. The benefits of this include that you can become more confident in your everyday life. You can take stock and undertake legal health checks. You could elect to become actively involved in the democratic processes of government, then shape public and legal policies and practices to assist others who may experience similar situations.

PLEI could provide opportunities for you to engage with the government to shape regulatory and policy decisions. The benefits of PLEI to you include developing awareness about the technology, security, personal and public agency, to lessen anxiety and other personal obstacles, and participating fully in society (Nacos, 2002; United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, n.d.).

International treaties include self-executing and non self-executing. Petur Radevski in Canada’s potential internationational oil and gas obligation wrote “ Given the structure of Canada’s legal system, UNCLOS is not self-executing. Consequently, Canada must enact domestic legislation to be in practical compliance with its international obligations.”

Ted L. McDorman in World Oceans Day 2010 – Our Oceans Opportunities and challenges

Roundtable discussion of the United Nations Convention on thr Law of the Sea wrote fifteen years after its entry into force stipulated “For an international treaty to become part of the domestic law of these States what is required is the enactment of statute/law essentially bringing the treaty into domestic law. The United Kingdom and commonwealth countries (such as Canada) follow this practice.” (2)

The advantages of reinforcing and developing international networks are substantive (Editor, 2018a). These advantages often incorporate safety, prosperity, and sustainability. PLEI could help you comprehend and realise your public rights and address a variety of legal problems linked, for example, to technology, cyber security, and counter terrorism (Byryne, 2014;, 2016;, 2012).

Individuals, organisations, and nations undertake activities to breach computers and networks to cause damage or interference (Editor, 2018b; Maiti, 2013; Wilson, 2009). Cyber security comprises approaches to safeguard computers, networks, and data from being targeted for attack or manipulation (Editor, 2018b). Cyber security has implications for a range of rights, from freedoms of conscience and religion to life. This web page is beyond the scope to provide detailed definitions and characteristics of technology, PLEI, cyber security, and counter terrorism. In sum, PLEI could resolve problems that are linked to cyber security and counter terrorism to advance safekeeping efforts.

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