Work-Stress Reduction
Work-Stress Reduction

Work-Stress Reduction


This image shows three triangles and a half Sun.
We offer services to you combining head (cognition), heart (empathy), and hand (practice)!


Here picture yourself looking down on a snow-dusted alpine habitat.
Make opportunities for mountain moments to optimize psychological and social health.
Reducing work-related (occupational) stress or trauma:
Consult legislation, regulations, and case law
Access educational support to understand health policies, practices, and the regulatory environment
Solicit and develop work-related and social supports
Access counselling support
Maintain personal care, eating, sleeping and living well
Develop a balance between work and your own life
Seek out organizational support
Use humour and be hopeful.


Sources of work-related/occupational stress or trauma:
High workloads and inadequate support
Illness or death and loss of family and friends
Personal history of trauma and lack of caring for one’s self
Career damaging to admit traumatic stress
Lack of agency and compassion fatigue
Social pressure to remain at work
Lack of acknowledgement for work undertaken
Violence at the workplace
Inadequate employee assistance programs
Commercialism and unstable funding
Maintaining currency of work-based knowledge
Legal claims
Inadequate public knowledge about emotional, legal, social, and medical challenges.
This image shows the outline of five elk in search of food.
An iconic mountain scene: elk collect on the snow banks, among the trees, and with the mountains in the background.


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