Special Destinations S 3: BC
Special Destinations S 3: BC

Special Destinations S 3: BC

This is our symbol, and we offer mediation, counselling, and support incorporating the arts.
We offer services to you combining head (cognition), heart (empathy), and hand (practice)!



In Supernatural British Columbias Yoho National Park, this scene opens to a well lit and inviting staircase.
As you venture through the majestic Rockies, prepare to be captivated by their towering peaks, cascading waterfalls, verdant forests, and the possibility of encountering wildlife. Embrace the exhilaration of this adventure! The Rockies stand as a testament to grandeur and inspire awe, offering panoramic vistas and an opportunity to connect with nature.


This image opens to a lakefront at British Columbias Whiteswan Provincial Park.
It’s typical to face difficulties and challenges in life, and it’s important to appreciate the beauty around you.


15 + B.C. Destinations

Greetings! In Season Three, we are highlighting the uniqueness of British Columbia and its intricate connections. This area is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, bustling urban centres, and diverse cultural legacy. The strain on economies, individuals, and the environment becomes apparent as they face overwhelming demands.We sincerely hope that you enjoy these images and the digital messages that go with them. We have gone on virtual road trips the following areas.

  1. Brisco
  2. Cobble Hill
  3. Cowichan Bay
  4. Cranberry Marsh
  5. Cranbrook
  6. Columbia Lake and the Wetlands
  7. Dry Gulch Provincial Park
  8. Dutch Creek Hoodoos
  9. Emerald Lake
  10. Fairmont Hot Springs
  11. Glacier National Park
  12. Golden
  13. Harrogate
  14. Harrison Hot Springs
  15. Herald Park
  16. Invermere
  17. Jackman Flats Provincial Park
  18. James Chabot Provincial Part
  19. Kelowna
  20. Kootenay National park
  21. Kicking Horse River
  22. Mount Robson Provincial Park
  23. Penticton
  24. Radium Hot Springs
  25. Rearguard Falls Provincial Park
  26. Revelstoke
  27. Revelstoke National Park
  28. Salmon Arm
  29. Sunnybrae
  30. Valemount
  31. Vernon
  32. West Kelowna
  33. +
This image brings transports you to a crest at the Rocky Mountains (Alberta).
Positive and uplifting images have the power to evoke a range of emotions and trigger nostalgic recollections from the past or open up possibilities future special destinations.


Envisioning Alberta and British Columbia: The Wild Rose and the Super, Natural! In Season One, we provided audiovisual materials that showcased the beauty and diversity of places in Australia, Canada, and the United States. In Season Two, our focus shifted to the province of Alberta, delving deeper into its unique attractions and experiences. Alberta and British Columbia have substantive historical, financial, and cultural links and these neighbouring provinces offer plenty of travel choices. Anderson (2019) and Peacock (2019) suggested that Alberta and British Columbia share common linkages that run deeper than other interprovincial relationships. There are common interests between these two provinces and unique differences. For example, in 1930, the wild rose was designated as Alberta’s floral emblem. Super, Natural is one of British Columbia’s catchphrases!

Connections between people are forged from trade and commerce, transportation, labour markets and interprovincial migration. There are times for relationships to be together and apart and they can run hot, cold, betwixt and between. There can be rivalries between the province and they are brought together in the public interest such as environmental sustainability. Ian MacGregor’s idea of transforming waste wood into clean hydrogen-based power sources and bankable CO2 has much potential. However, the role of dead wood in maintaining and extending forest eco-systems is also important (Bauhus, Baber, & Muller, 2021).

Cyderman, Mccarthy, & Bailey (2018) and Mason (2017)  noted that there can be ideological and political tensions and rifts between people in Alberta and British Columbia and elsewhere; especially with projects that expand carbon-storage pipeline and change the environment.  Alberta and British Columbia share physical barriers and are positioned in Canada.

The Exhibit:  In our Special Destinations exhibit, we aim to provide a comprehensive exploration of various locations in three countries. We understand that travel can take different forms, including physical visits and virtual expeditions. Through simulated experiences, we can help you learn more about these destinations, allowing you to prepare for your future travels and make the most of your time there.

While our focus is primarily Australia, Canada, and the United States we acknowledge that there are countless other breathtaking places around the world. However, due to the limitations of time and resources, we have chosen to concentrate on these three countries for now. Through our exploration of these destinations, we hope to inspire you to embark on your own adventures and discover the wonders that await you in these nations and beyond. So, whether you choose to physically visit these places or embark on a virtual journey, we invite you to join us in uncovering their beauty and charm.

En-route we keep exploring the advantages of creativity and aesthetics in fostering a better comprehension of the people and the three nations. One way to capture the spirit of these unique locations is to combine personal experiences with narratives and photos. Prepare yourself to go on a new adventure of discovery. We believe that by doing this, you may be motivated to make treasured memories and de-stress.

Exploring the Seasons: These seasons open up virtual and travel possibilities and could be conducive to a creative atmosphere. They can be a place “…where new concepts, fresh expressions, and unconventional lifestyles were constantly rubbing shoulders and prompting even more originality” (Csikszentmihalyi, 1997, p. 129).  By breaking down barriers, and exploring various sources opportunities for strategic solutions to world problems may be created. This fosters at the very minimum moments of harmony and understanding, ultimately resulting in long-term cooperation, stability, and more vibrant ecosystems. Economic stability is often linked to people’s financial health and well-being (De Santis, 2023). Economic and environmental balances are critical. Striving for times of peace and informed understanding is a worthwhile endeavour.

We embarked in the Special Destinations series on virtual journeys. Our exploration wasn’t limited to physical travel alone. This helped to open up a planet with an emphasis on Australia, Canada, and the United States. Our investigations are just touching the tip of the iceberg, and possibilities emerge as we recognise multiple interpretations of reality. We encourage you to build and collate memories and images of places that you consider to be special.  We can gain a more comprehensive understanding of these destinations and a few of the experiences they offer when we adopt interdisciplinary perspectives.

Unpackaging Conceptual Landscapes: Lim (2004) links topics and themes with the development of conceptual landscapes. These landscapes can extend to include travel, creativity, aesthetics, and the arts. Lim sees the benefits of mapping out conceptual territories through “preliminary sketches”. Some destinations that are described may prompt you to look at various sources and find others that you find inspiring. Extend your search by consulting wide and varied sources and avoid tunnel vision. 

Data sources are being combined in the health sciences to include databases and other emerging data sources (Padmanabhan, 2017). Wilson and Hayes (2000) state, “Without a scientific basis, there’s no hope of improving practice” (p. 10). This foundation frequently aids in illustrating what is understood about subjects and connecting sources to different themes. By exploring topics, tensions and gaps can be identified in knowledge and practice to transform people’s and the planet’s health and well-being.

Digital data sources are being felt in various walks of life, ranging from health to travel to transportation theories and practices. Padmanabhan (2020) recognised the critical role of “developing enterprise digital road maps and implementing digital health solutions at every touch point in a consumer’s journey”. In these seasons, road maps and trips are interlinked. Your knowledge about conceptual landscapes could be enriched.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Everyone should have the freedom to make their own choices as to data sources and be treated with respect. The audiovisual arts can be calming, inspirational and inform your personal and social theories and practices. Travel and the audiovisual data sources open up spaces for self-reflection, transformation, reintegration, and communication. These are key touch stones in counselling.

Life can be complex and messy, and quick fixes may seem to be desirable. Beware of cookie-cutter approaches, and ad-hominem claims that there is one definitive source that’s the sole authority on topics. Jung (1966) referred to the repressiveness of a one-sided consciousness. Csikszentmihalyi (1997) asserted that there is no definitive answer as to which environment would be the most conducive for creativity. We can deepen creative processes when we learn from peoples’ experiences. One fount of knowledge alone tends to close rather than open conversations, discoveries, and problem-solving. The tangible and intangible value and meaning of travel and the audiovisual arts are often subjective. 

Exploring new data sources, discovering special locations, and widening the realm of audiovisual arts is determined by many different contextual elements. These aspects include individual ideologies, ranging from biological to psychological, economic, geographical, political, and ecological. Developmental transitions, the labor and economics, social movements and communities of interest, past educational experiences, and cultural issues are examples of contextual impacts. Discoveries  through travel and the arts can help you to identify your own personal values and beliefs. This provides a metaphoric framework and process for determining your convictions and goals in life.

Accentuating the Positive:  This perspective can help you to move towards having unconditional positive regard for others and the environment. Photography and different types of digital data have the potential to heal, for example, via grounding and calming influences, ranging from the wetlands to the beaches (Graphia, 2022).

Graphia (2022) begins their work with the following statement: “I walk slowly alone along the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon – I feel the sand between my toes and hear the waves crashing on the shore, again… and also… and again” (page 9). Readers who have travelled to Lincoln City may remember similar experiences. Others may indirectly feel the call of the ocean and plan a trip to that special destination. You can travel from the wetlands to the Pacific region in your imagination or in person (Road Trip USA, 2023).

Photography and digital communications can enhance your understanding and enjoyment of different places. The healing power of photography has been acknowledged for centuries. For instance, visual representations have been utilized since the Victorian era in the United States and even in earlier times, like Ancient Athens. Morley (2023) posited that visual communication can help individuals express and cope with grief.

The therapeutic benefits of the visual arts  have been around for thousands of years. For instance, Morley, (2023) found that visual communications were used to express and cope with grief in the United States during the Victorian era, dating back to earlier periods in human history including Ancient Athens.

There are many ways to interpret photos and digital communications. By adding style and substance, images can improve the quality of transmissions between senders and receivers. Pictures may help show beautiful landscapes and ultimately promote respect for people and the planet. Slaura (2023) discussed the benefits of collodion photography, including immersion to lessen her anxieties.

Analyzing Sent and Received Messages: Have you ever noticed that sometimes the message you send might not reach its intended recipient? People process information in various ways, some of which may overlap. At the very least, this knowledge dates back to the first century. “And like Cicero, Augustine also recommended considering the whole set of circumstances that inform the composition – times, places, persons, and so on (3.12.19, 3.20.29),” said Eden (1997, p. 55), as cited by Geary (2008, p. 28). Rich methods of expressing grief have been used by diverse people at various times and places. These methods have included but not been contained to verbal utterances and non-verbal communications (Morley, 2023).

Hermeneutic Perspectives: Have you heard about hermeneutics? According to Geary, the term “hermeneutics” was used in the seventeenth century, but theories of interpretation—religious, literary, and legal—have a longer history than that (Palmer, 1969, p. 35). This methodology is reflected in the 1st century works of Cicero who was a lawyer and orator. Geary (2008, p. 29) wrote, “Hermeneutics can be applied in dialogue about how individuals develop their premises and interpretations in cultural and organizational contexts”  (Palmer, 1969, p. 33; Kerdeman & Odman, 1999, p. 184). The humanities frequently use hermeneutics as a methodological foundation to explain phenomena that occur in human existence” (Kerdeman & Odman, 1999, p. 184; Palmer, 1969, p. 33). These situations are interconnected with the individual as a whole and the environment that has molded them.

Geary (2008) cited Kirmayer, Lemelson & Bard (2007) position, namely “multiple levels of description, or disciplinary languages, are needed to encompass the complexity of the phenomena of trauma and healing” (p. 485). Steeves (2000) argued, a principle of “hermeneutic phenomenological” inquiry is to emphasize people being themselves as they make sense of their experiences. The quality of a sample for “hermeneutic phenomenological” inquiry is determined by how much contact is required to obtain enough information about a situation or practice (Steeves, 2000).

Geary (2008) carried out a doctoral study using a hermeneutic phenomenological approach, drawing on the everyday experiences of justice system workers. Work environment-related vicarious traumatization was one area of concentration. The goal of the study was to investigate how professionals interpret the causes and symptoms of trauma and how they comprehend and reflect on their own experiences of work-related distress, including vicarious traumatization. The experiences, knowledge, and comprehension of the eighteen participants were crucial to the investigation. This thesis added to the knowledge of the psychological, physiological, social, and cultural aspects of burnout, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and vicarious trauma at work.

Understanding the complete set of circumstances that shape a friend’s or loved one’s life is frequently crucial. When you reach out to them you can begin to “pour healing oils over troubled waters”. Events like divorce and death are seen differently by various people and given contrasting meanings. This realization is at least as old as the first century (Geary, 2008). Geary (2008)  spoke with participants who lived in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and England. They self-identified as professionals working in the justice system and spoke about their stress and the tools they used to alleviate their suffering. This study was made possible thanks to their generous comments and lessons learned.

Behavioural, Cognitive, Affective, and Biological Indices of Distress: Human needs continue to exist, from personal fulfillment to security, and nongovernmental and governmental organizations are working to meet these needs, building on past successes. Even though people’s needs change over time, historical knowledge remains very important. If companies were to constantly reinvent themselves, it might look like they are simply “rearranging deck chairs” during the Titanic’s tragic 1912 voyage from Southampton, England, to New York.

“Stress at work has a number of manifestations, including affective, cognitive, behavioural, and biological ones,” said Geary (2008, p. 103). In 2008 Geary said, “Based on my understanding of the following authors: Mayer (2007, p. 147), Bills (1999, pp. 122-125), Pearlman and Saakvitne (1995, pp. 6, 38, 92) and Saakvitne & Pearlman (1996, pp. 30, 117), individuals who experience PTSD may have chronic pain, depression, insomnia, nightmares, a strong death-wish, isolation, dissociation, hypervigilance, avoidance, and related affective disorders “(p. 99-100). If you experience distress you often have the potential to self-heal by reaching out to informal support such as family and friends and, formal help involving government or non-government sources. It’s great that people have distinctive choices available to them ranging from simulated or physical road trips to spectacular places that they find to be special. These range from the Columbia Wetlands, to Invermere, Lincoln City in Oregon and beyond.

There are almost countless places to explore in Canada, including deserts, forests, lakes, mountains, and wetlands. There are many beautiful and distinctive places in North America and other parts of the world that are perfect for creating vivid and precious memories and nurturing diplomatic ties. There are also plenty of photogenic and unique places in British Columbia and elsewhere where you can feel relaxed and energized.

Economic and Social Well-Being: The economic and social prosperity of British Columbia is inextricably tied to Canada, and the province is visited by tourists from the United States, and other countries (Carrigg, 2019). In Vancouver, the Australian government offers assistance through its consular services. The Australian High Commission  is positioned in Ottawa. Both Canada and Australia are members of the Commonwealth of Nations. Furthermore, for about the past 128 years, trade has existed between Australia and Canada. Some goods from the United States also receive preferential treatment under the Australia United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA). The Canada–United States Free Trade Agreement (CUSFTA) is a like instrument which affords for preferential treatment for some goods.

The trade connections between the United States and Canada have a vibrant history, dating back to around 1850. In 1850, a Free Trade Bill was introduced in the United States Senate, which allowed for the free admission of Canadian products into the U.S. (Editor, 1850). This marked an important mile stone in facilitating trade relations between these two democratic countries. In 1854, the Elgin-Marcy Treaty, also known as the Canadian-American Reciprocity Treaty, was created (Editor, 1854). This was another mile stone that deepened the ties between the United States and Canada. This treaty aimed to promote reciprocal trade and reduce tariffs between the two nations.

Throughout history, there have been geopolitical tensions and challenges that have impacted the trade relationships between the United States and Canada. However, despite these challenges, commerce between these two nations have persisted. The Government of Canada (2023) advised, “Canada-U.S. trade in goods and services was over $1.2 trillion and represented about two thirds of Canada’s total global trade.” The importance of the economic ties between the two nations is underscored by this, and both countries benefit from liberal trade with Australia.

For many years, the United States has been the predominant hub for Australian investment (United States Study Centre, 2018). Australia’s and Canada’s economic well-being is closely tied to their export market sand the maintenance of geopolitical relationships with the United States. The stability and growth of trade between these three nations play a crucial role in shaping their economic prosperity.The trade connections between the Australia, Canada and the United States have long and complex histories. Despite geopolitical tensions, the trade relationship between these three nations has endured and remains a vital aspect of their economies and their way of life.


Australia, Canada, and the United States, among many other nations, are known for their multicultural societies. These countries offer a plethora of stunning destinations that are worth exploring. Whether you choose to embark on a physical journey or indulge in virtual travel experiences, both options provide ample opportunities to escape the monotony of everyday life and gain a deeper understanding of the diverse world that surrounds us. Let’s begin with another trailer, this time for British Columbia.

Envisioning BC: 15+ Destinations. Can you contemplate all of the extraordinary places on the planet that you can capture? Your choice of destinations can live on forever in a drawing, latch hook, painting, photograph, quilt, video, or simply place in your mind’s eye. 

Welcome to our virtual roadtrip of British Columbia, where we invite you to explore the beautiful and varied landscapes of this spectacular province. From the majestic Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, you travel virtually to the often peaceful Cowichan Bay. Next, you’ll continue to follow Vancouver Island’s distinctive and diverse terrain.  British Columbia provides unforgettable encounters with people and its landscapes. Typically, a fresh slide is imminent when there are pauses observed between consecutive slides.


This picture shows a kayaking excursion on the Pacific Rim! Truly a remarkable and unforgettable experience.
There can be many an adventure off the marvellous Vancouver Island!


Travel often exposes us to new cultures, traditions, and perspectives, broadening our horizons and fostering personal growth. Start your virtual journey now with this trailer and get ready for a metaphoric adventure! You begin in this trailer by greeting the sun as it rises over a rugged coast. Here you stand at the picturesque coast with seagulls soaring above at Cowichan Bay. You continue your journey where you travel by canoe on bay waters, and observe a rower and vessels. You go from Cowichan Bay to the Pacific Rim reserve to Kootenay and Glacier National Parks.

This audiovisual presentation features destinations beginning with the remarkable Vancouver Island. As you journey through these photogenic locations, take in the soundtrack of Apple’s Theme Music, reflecting on special moments. The music in the audiovisuals, with instrumental sounds, including this one and a “Lake Louise Sequel” are sourced from Apple Theme Music. Thank you to Apple, Spotify, WordPress and partners for making these Seasons possible! The copyrighted images on this website are our own. Thanks for tuning in and we’re happy to meet you! You have the potential to experiment with your camera or phone, and explore the world through audiovisual arts. There can be many an adventure off the marvellous Vancouver Island!

Please note to chart your roadtrip between these designated locations, kindly consult your GPS, printed map, Drive.Bc (ca), Apple Maps, or similar navigation tools.

Episode 1: This PDF Brisco, Cranbrook + and podcast highlights different features. 


You can feel invigorated and like you can roam eternally in the vast open spaces of the alpine regions, such as here in the East Kootenays.
Travel often exposes us to new cultures, traditions, and perspectives, broadening our horizons and fostering personal growth.


By understanding the therapeutic potential of travel and recognizing its ability to strengthen relationships and self-efficacy, we can begin to appreciate the experiences and opportunities that await us in this beautiful destination. Furthermore, travel can enhance our self-efficacy, which is our belief in our ability to accomplish tasks and overcome challenges. By navigating unfamiliar environments, adapting to new situations, and problem-solving on the go, we develop a sense of confidence and resilience. These experiences may translate into increased self-esteem and a greater belief in our own capabilities. 

However, it’s important to acknowledge the limitations of travel as well. Factors such as cost, time constraints, and physical limitations can pose challenges to our travel aspirations. Additionally, unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters or global events can disrupt travel plans. It’s crucial to consider these limitations and plan accordingly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Episode 2: This PDF Columbia Lake and Area and podcast highlight varied landscapes.


This scene opens to water and shore at Tilley Memorial Park.
Flora & landscapes, even in small doses, can positively impact daily life and enhance functionality, as every part of life is interconnected.


This espisode is a virtual experience if you are interested in exploring Columbia Lake and area. It would be a travel opportunity for you if you plan in exploring this region. Virtual travel can also be a valuable tool for digital nomads or individuals who work remotely. It allows you to explore potential destinations, and get a feel for different places before deciding where to go. This can be particularly helpful for you if you have specific accessibility needs, as you can assess the suitability of a destination before making any travel arrangements. Overall, virtual travel opens up a world of possibilities, especially if you are unable to physically travel or you simply want to explore the world from the comfort of your own home.


This images opens up into high country at the Columbia Wetlands or Columbia National Wildlife Area, with mountains and waterways.
Prioritizing self-care and supporting your loved ones, friends, others and the environment helps build a healthy future.


Episode 3: This PDF Columbia Wetlands, Invermere + and podcast provide a snapshot of this gorgeous region. The circumstances in the Columbia River are discussed in this episode. The episode concludes with the sound of an eagle’s call. There are also recommendations for items to pack in case you decide to go on a Columbia River rowing excursion. Please be aware that waterways in Yoho and Kootanay National Parks are expected to open at the end of March 2024. There are numerous spots to see should you be unable to row on these spectacular alpine waters. For planning purposes, please check the webpage of the specific park you plan to visit.


This image introduces you to a glimpse of Glacier National Parks peeks.
Before taking a refresher break at a place like this, make sure to bring your book, a journal, a phone etc. and sunblock.


Episode 4: This PDF Glacier National Park and podcast introduce you to an incredible destination that also faces the challenge of high temperatures. It is possible to ignite a fire in designated fire boxes within the park. However, it is important to note that smoke can affect visibility, even during your road trip. To minimize the risk of fire, certain campsites may prohibit fires, particularly when there is a fire ban in place. If having a fire is important to you during your upcoming camping trip, it is crucial to check in advance for any restrictions.


This scene opens to Harris Lakes shoreline, with mountain terrain in the background.
Remember to prioritize environmental planning and safeguard wildlife habitats and natural surroundings to maintain a thriving ecosystem.


Episode 5: This PDF Harrison Hot Springs and podcast introduce you to the Hot Springs +. Situated on a sizeable lake, the Hot Springs is a quaint and distinctive spot. Harrison Lake is 60 kilometres (about 37.28 miles). There are opportunities to explore this region ranging from foot to water craft and to soak up the Hot Springs culture. Sadly, in 2023, two of the Hot Springs’ water pumps failed, resulting in a local emergency. It’s critical to react to the fact of global warming with information-rich knowledge.  

Explore: a wide range of global sites, both non-government and government sources, for suitable reading material about the environment and geo-political issues. We started with writings drawn, for example, from Australia, Canada, and the United States. In 1895, they landed in Sydney under the leadership of Canada’s first trade minister, John Larke. Since this official visit, Australia and Canada have maintained their trading links, with some exports still receiving special treatment.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (n.d.) wrote:

Canada has been an active member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) since its inception in 1949. Canada, Australia and New Zealand have a history of working together in the United Nations (UN) on issues ranging from security to development to human rights, including through an informal grouping known as CANZ.

British Columbia collaborates with other provinces, however, divergences in opinions, principles, and convictions can create conflicts and shared outlooks.


This image opens to the sun setting over White Gums in Australias Northern Territory.
This picture opens to show the sun sinking over Australia’s Northern Territory’s town of White Gums.



This scene opens to the area around Cranbrook Marsh. A mountain chanin is featured in the background.
This scene opens to the area around Cranbrook Marsh. A mountain chain is featured in the background.


Episode 6: Jackman Flats Provincial Park+

This PDF Jackman+ and podcast introduce you to the park and area.

Visitors to Cranberry Marsh can enjoy two observation towers that offer great opportunities for wildlife watching. Cranberries have economic value, and offer a myriad of environmental benefits, including as a barometer to monitor environmental health. Overall Canada has a long and storied history with cranberries, dating back to the days of the First Nations people. The cranberry industry is recognized as being important to British Columbia’s, including the Canadian and United States economies.

Lichens are fascinating organisms that can be found in a variety of habitats around the planet, including Jackman Flats Provincial Park. They are composite organisms that consist of a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an alga or cyanobacterium. The fungus provides a protective environment for the alga or cyanobacterium, while the alga or cyanobacterium provides the fungus with food through photosynthesis.


The setting of this scene unveils a provincial park bordered by green banks and a serene blue sky. By remaining motionless, you may have the opportunity to observe wildlife amidst the flora. This location can be perfect for a delightful picnic, especially during the warmer months.
Water bodies can be delicate and are frequently safeguarded by legal regulations. For instance, please refer to Schedule B of the Water Sustainability Regulation in British Columbia.


Episode 7: James Chabot Provincial Park, Fairmont Hot Springs +

This PDF JamesChabot + and podcast provide an introduction to the park and its surroundings.

Unintended consequences may arise from well-intentioned environmental policies, discoveries, and inventions aimed at preserving areas such as the surroundings of James Chabot Provincial Park, Fairmont Hot Springs, the Dutch Creek Hoodoos, and other human and wildlife refuges.

British Columbia and Canada generally can benefit from lessons learned from other jurisdictions. For instance, in 1991, Australia became a member of the Bonn Convention, which is a convention on migratory species of wild animals. Policies and conventions often have unforeseen impacts. The Australian Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (Cth) considered burning organic matter from primary forests as a renewable activity, potentially posing a negative impact on old-growth forests (Lyster & Bradbook, 2006). Fast forward to 2023, when the Australian Labor Party proposed restrictions on logging in public plantations in 2023 lessening access to biofuels (Morton, 2023).

Designing policies to preserve the environment while simultaneously addressing cultural, economic, recreational, and social needs can be a challenging endeavour. Individuals are entrusted with the duty of identifying and formulating suitable economic frameworks to manage and supervise the rising costs associated with green and other technologies. This undertaking also benefits from integrating the psychology of exploration and innovation (Csikszentmihalyi, 1997).


The magnificent Kicking Horse River is featured in this image.
Beauty and charm can be double-edged swords, especially when on the water. If your boat capsizes or you fall, survival is not guaranteed. So, be aware of your surroundings.


Episode 8: Season’s Greetings from British Columbia and Alberta (Season’s Special!)
This PDF and podcast provide an introduction to the Rocky Mountains (Canada). Welcome and greetings to this exclusive podcast commemorating the conclusion of a fresh year and the commencement of another. Canadian towns nestled in the Rocky Mountains, such as Golden and Lake Louise, along with picturesque water bodies like Emerald and Louise Lakes, and the flowing Bow and Kicking Horse Rivers, adorn the landscape. Additionally, one can witness majestic elk, snow-white rocky mountain goats, and the charm of horse-drawn carriages amidst falling snow and cozy cabins.


This picture opens up to reveal the breathtaking Okanagan Lake, which is embraced by green, rolling mountains, especially when the weather is warmer,
Life can be both a struggle — and an experience! Can you be open to the idea that wonderful things could happen to you and others, even if you don’t always see the sunny side of life, even at sun-kissed Kelowna and West Kelowna?


Episode 9: Kelowna and West Kelowna +

This PDF and podcast provide an overview of Kelowna, West Kelowna and  surrounding areas. We visit places like Knox Mountain, Gellatly Nut Farm, Rotary Beach, and Bertram Creek Park. As temperatures rise and global warming continues, prioritizing park management and firefighting becomes important. The increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires requires comprehensive disaster planning, transforming it from a simple necessity into an absolute imperative.


This particular scene showcases a blend of hues at Kootenay National park, encompassing red, brown, and green.
Reviewing Highlights from Kootenay National Park in British Columbia.


Episode 10: Kootenay National Park +

This PDF and podcast include images from Kootenay National Park on the first day of the new year in 2024. These materials  delve into unique and extraordinary locations, including a bridge that spans the Kootenay River, Marble Canyon, Numa Creek, Olive Lake, and the Paint Pots. As you journey from the BC 93 S trailhead to the Paint Pots, it is likely that you will encounter a bridge over the Vermillion River. While progressing towards the Paint Pots, you might admire the crystal-clear water of the Vermillion River. Afterwards, your virtual adventure takes you to Radium Hot Springs+.

To journey from Kootenay National Park to Revelstoke National Park you will cover a distance of approximately 252.17 kilometres (or 156.69 miles).


This image opens to reveal the alpine terrain around the Revelstoke area.
Do you like being in the highlands? It’s a great place to spend some time outside and shake off the cobwebs.


Episode 11: Revelstoke National Park +

This PDF and podcast provides reflections from Revelstoke National Park and area. British Columbia’s Revelstoke is a mesmerizing and beautiful place. Revelstoke is a nature lover’s paradise, with its roaring Illecillewaet River, pristine wetlands, and old-growth forests with giant cedars. Beyond its scenic beauty, though, Revelstoke may have a ghostly underbelly. The town is home to several haunted locations, including the Revelstoke Museum and the eerie Old Courthouse are reported to have been haunted. Revelstoke is worth investigating further, whether you’re searching for a spectral adventure or a tranquil vacation in the outdoors.

Revelstoke is an extraordinary natural refuge— with a wetlands bursting with biodiversity.  These wetlands are far from being ordinary marshy regions; they serve as a sanctuary for a wide range of wildlife and an enchanting spot for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. See what Revelstoke has to offer by taking a virtual, physical or combined trip there!



This scene opens to the impressive Mount Robson Provincial Park in the Fall.
Have faith in yourself and those around you. You frequently possess the necessary qualities or possess the knowledge to seek assistance in surmounting environmental challenges, such as disasters, and accomplishing your objectives.


Episode 12: Mount Robson Provincial Park +

This PDF and podcast offer reflections from Mount Robson and its surrounding area.  Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that this area, like any other, is not devoid of risks. In fact, we encounter vulnerabilities on a daily basis, right from the moment we rise from our beds. Uncontrolled fires, both natural and human-caused, are having a significant impact on different locations across the planet. One such instance is the human-initiated fire mentioned in the vicinity of Mount Robson (Keil, 2018). The prevention of such disasters is often a challenging task as people strive to intervene before they escalate into destructive calamities.

Minister Bill Blair was cited as saying “… emergencies of wildfires, floods, earthquakes, emergencies writ large and all hazards — they’re borderless” (Paas-Lang & Cullen, 2023). In Australia, the Australian Emergency Management Institute’s handbook from 2011 was updated in 2018. This handbook serves as a starting point for exploring and expanding innovative approaches in emergency management. As Csikszentmihalyi (1997) suggested, by observing and learning from others, we can break free from “genetic” and “social” conditioning” and adapt our routines. By examining the events and responses to disasters at home and beyond, for example, Australia valuable lessons can be learned.


The turbulent waters and rock formations are revealed as the scene unfolds.
The majestic rocky formations and thunderous cascades at the waterfalls and its vicinity ignite the creative mind.

Episode 13: Rearguard Provincial Park +

This PDF and podcast features this alluring park, and three enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about whitewater activities. They navigate through Rearguard Falls, a challenging section of rapids. They start by disembarking from one part of the rapids and carrying their kayaks up an incline. Afterward, they carefully bring their vessels back down to the rapids. The group gathers on both land and water, with the leader guiding the way. They skillfully maneuver through the rapids, which toss tree trunks and debris around as if they were small matchsticks. As they depart from the shore, they row backwards and continue their thrilling river trip. The power of the water at the falls is clearly evident, as it can be seen, heard, and felt, showering upon anyone nearby. Engaging in whitewater sports can offer an exhilarating yet potentially dangerous experience.


The enchantment of this place truly lies in the captivating blend of blue, brown, green, grey, and white hues.
Gaining self-worth and confidence can help you become more adept at problem-solving and stress management, including during disasters.


Episode 14: Salmon Arm,  Vernon and Area +

This PDF and podcast contemplate the magnificence of these special destinations. The magnificent allure of the meadows and lake region in this vicinity is genuinely enchanting. Nevertheless, similar to numerous other locations, Salmon Arm, Vernon, and Kelowna are not immune to the disastrous inconsequences of fires. In 1998, a multitude of Salmon Arm residents were instructed to evacuate. Currently, it is an advantageous time to broaden our impact and welcome people from various backgrounds.

During challenging times, acquiring the skills of creativity and adaptability can greatly contribute to achieving success. This concept is also emphasized in the Australian National Strategy for Disaster Resilience (2011). On the 26th of January each year, Australia Day is commemorated, providing an opportunity for introspection and navigating through a mix of emotions. In 1788, the First Fleet arrived at Sydney Cove, marking the hoisting of the British Flag. Together, we have the ability to safeguard and enhance remarkable locations, spanning from Sydney Cove to Salmon Arm in Canada and beyond. Regrettably, both positive and negative impacts often affect both individuals and the environment. Over time, a single grain of sand can transform into a magnificent beach.


The view unfolds to reveal a pristine sandy beach, serving as the habitat for a community of fairy penguins.
Hello, I am a fairy penguin at Phillip island, Victoria, Australia, and it’s nice to meet you!


This scene opens to Margaret Falls in the Sunnybrae, and Herold Park area.
Let calm ideas travel through your thoughts like a gentle cotton cloud blowing in the wind or this waterfall spray.


Episode 15:  Sunnybrae, Herald Park and Area.

This captivating area is showcased in both this PDF and podcast. Forested regions accompanied by a shoreline, such as Sunnybrae and Herald Park, offer a delightful experience in the Shuswap area. This presentation provides a snapshot of this region extending cultural components through art. It can serve as an entry point for mapping conceptual and ecological territories linked to disaster mitigation. 

Margaret Falls can be found on Sunnybrae Road, and the combination of lush vegetation, rushing water, can create an unforgettable adventure. Additionally, the bluffs offer inspiring vistas, and the trail remains open for most of the year. However, it is advisable to check ahead to optimize your travel plans. These captivating areas are not immune to disasters.


The breathtaking Valemount region with its trees, mountains, and waterway is revealed in this scene.
If you experience a sense of paralysis, whether it be the urge to escape or engage in a confrontation, allocate some time to indulge in simple joys like contemplating the serene beauty of a waterfront.


Episode 16: The Valemount Area.

This picturesque region is featured in both this PDF and podcast

Discover the concealed treasures and perils that lie beneath the tranquil appearance of Valemount’s awe-inspiring scenery. Join us as we delve into the advantages and disadvantages of heli-hiking as a method to reach secluded and unspoiled spots. We then gave a summary of the different points of view on environmental conservation and how it intersects with the arts. By being aware of potential threats and taking appropriate safety precautions, the likelihood of injuries or worse can be significantly reduced. In the event that visiting locations like Valemount in person is not feasible, there is the option to experience them virtually or through a combination of physical and digital travel.


This image opens with regal peaks at Yoho National Park.
Enjoying moments on the mountain!
1. Reducing critical self and family talk.
2. Sharing special time walking on pathways!


Episode 17: Family Day in Alberta and British Columbia. (An exclusive podcast episode).

This podcast, which features images from national parks like Yoho in British Columbia and Banff, Jasper, in Alberta, acknowledges the importance of family in our lives. Provincial parks such as Knox Mountain and Dry Gulch provide perfect environments for Family Day and family gatherings throughout the year.  Cadomin, Calgary, Canmore, Cochrane, and Lake Louise in Alberta, and Golden, Harrogate, Invermere, Penticton, and Radium in British Columbia, offer memorable travel experiences. 


The picture reveals Cowichan Bay, a favored destination for both residents and visitors, showcasing mesmerizing views.
Visiting Cowichan Bay provides a chance to enjoy meaningful moments with family and create lasting memories.


Episode 18: Vancouver Island: Cobble Hill and Cowichan Bay Areas

This PDF and podcast explores Vancouver Island’s Cobble Hill and Cowichan Bay. It is crucial to show respect and maintain a safe distance and allowing wildlife ample space. Be sure to take time to observe the wildlife around you: you can spot dolphins in Cowichan Bay during certain times of the year, as well as sea lions sunning themselves on the nearby rocks! With stunning scenery and abundant wildlife, Cowichan Bay is a must-see destination for nature lovers from around the world. However, be alert for the powerful and changeable conditions. Canadian defence members, hobbyist radio enthusiasts, and a range of other committed individuals are enhancing disaster readiness in anticipation of tsunamis and earthquakes.

Plan Ahead: It is beneficial to be aware of potential, impending, and even current calamities in advance. There are unforeseen circumstances that arise from unfolding disasters, and their complexities are not easily foreseen. In such situations, it is crucial to never give up! The presence of fire-persons, defence members, veterans and others can provide the necessary assistance to support survival.

Disaster Impacts: The effects of disasters on the environment, society, and individuals can be profound, leading to a range of strains and pressures. In response to these challenges, adaptive stress mechanisms play a crucial role in alleviating or reversing these pressures. Stress reactions are innate survival mechanisms that humans and other organisms possess. These reactions, such as fight, flight, rescue, and attachment, are designed to help individuals cope with and respond to threatening situations. In the context of disasters, these stress responses can be activated to ensure personal safety, protect family members, and seek assistance.


This photograph depicts a group of fairy penguins from Penguin Island in Western Australia.
Family Day has the potential to represent both human and wildlife families.


Photographs captured in inspiring places such as wetlands can provide you with something to hold on to until you’re ready to move forward. One of your first objectives might be reflecting on the road ahead recognizing the positive qualities of people and the planet. We urge you to check out famous locations in Australia, the USA, and Canada. These three countries are an entry point to virtual, physical, or a suitable combination of both types of travel.

Canada is a proud host of ten provinces and three territories. Alberta and British Columbia are two of the ten provinces. In previous seasons, we have explored the wonders of Alberta, and now our focus shifts to the captivating province of British Columbia. This presentation touches upon British Columbia’s connections with Australia, through its consular services, and the United States, with its visitors on day trips and extended stays. 

Why not make an extended virtual or physical road trip of Alberta and British Columbia? Both of these provinces are celebrated for their wild landscapes and awe-inspiring natural wonders. From the majestic Canadian Rockies to the enchanting shores of Vancouver Island, there are countless captivating photo opportunities awaiting you here.



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