The Trident Foundation (mediate)


This image shows three triangles and a half Sun.
We offer services to you combining head (cognition), heart (empathy) and hand (practice)!


This scene shows how To Jack Lake becomes busy with recreational users.
Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, is a meeting place for paddling enthusiasts, hikers, observers, and picnickers.


Let’s heal and nuture hope!

Mediation is linked to conflict management.  This intervention includes different and, at times, overlapping approaches. 

  • Adjudication
  • Advocacy
  • Bargaining
  • Conciliation
  • Negotiation
  • Withdrawal

If contributing factors to disputes are unacknowledged, you could deny yourself and others opportunities for the following.

  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Creative responses
  • Empathetic engagement
  • Enhanced communication
  • Informed solutions
  • Meaningful assertiveness
  • Needs exploration
  • Purposeful expression of emotions 

In these uncertain times, your priorities will likely change as work, home, and the community are modified to meet pressing eco and human systems.

Tense relationships and conflicts over power, control and access to limited environmental and economic resources may be identified, managed, or ignored.

Tensions with family, friends and communities may be disorientating, and you could feel isolated from the physical and social worlds. Let’s connect, relax and meditate!


Visitors at Bow Falls in Banff National Park.
Banff National Park in Alberta was founded in 1883 and is Canada’s oldest national park.


We work with you to explore customized approaches in mediation and other services to meet your particular circumstances. 

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