Relationships Counselling
Relationships Counselling

Relationships Counselling


This image shows three triangles and a half Sun.
We offer services to you combining head (cognition), heart (empathy) and hand (practice)!
Imagine looking over a mountain town with the sun in the background, as reflected here.
“What visions, what expectations and what presumptions can outsoar that flight?” (Kahill Gibran)

Travelling Mountains Peaks and Rocky Coasts Together!
Life can be an adventure!

This picture features a sign that swimming in Australia has many challenges ranging from ocean currents to submerged objects.
Here mainly, if you do not respect the environment, you may be forgotten, drown, slip and be pierced by rugged landscapes.

Couples and partnerships may give you the following advantages.

  • Information and guidance for your cognitive, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Life-long memories
  • Fuller and more vivid experiences
  • Cheer or griping squads
  • Listening posts
  • Pointing out the facts and giving opinions
  • Added energy to reach your goals
  • Complexity and loss when your partner experiences illness, infection, disability, injury or death.

The values of support and understanding between couples, partnerships and extended families, mainly when they are in sync, have helped create civilizations from our earliest times. However, there can be disadvantages to teams and leagues!

  • Universities, colleges, and the ‘school of life may not have your partners in counselling techniques and processes.
  • They might not see challenges and issues from impartial standpoints.
  • Your partners often are not objective guides who encourage you to process your thoughts and feelings.

Trials, Tribulations and Emergencies Along The Way
Your partner’s views and perspectives can help you understand life’s problems and tribulations. Many challenges beset couples today, and partnerships often take work and commitment. Couples’ and partners’ stress includes psychosocial aspects as you decide when to spend time together and be apart.

Your partner may not be immediately emotionally and practically available to continue their support, and you might profoundly miss this. Sometimes you could feel alone or rejected when your partner spends time with others and engages in independent activities. There are finances to work out as you rent or buy a home together.

You each communicate in different and shared ways, which can be a blessing and a curse; nonetheless, it helps keep life’s sparkle!


This sign shows a symbol for emergency radio; this technology can be a lifeline, including when no other communications are available.
Noosa Heads travelling on the Bruce Hwy/M1 is approximately 141 kilometres and 87.6 miles from Brisbane, Queensland’s capital. In 2007 The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization recognized Noosa National Park as a Biosphere Reserve.

Let’s talk! The biosphere comprises areas where life lives on our earth. Individuals live on or near deserts, lakes, mountains, and oceans. No person or couple is an island unto themselves, and you may need to reach out for support to start a new chapter and continue your lives together.

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