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Welcome: Contact

Welcome: Contact

This image shows three triangles and a half Sun.
We offer services to you combining head (cognition), heart (empathy) and hand (practice)!


Enjoying water sports on the lake.
They were sailing through calming, sometimes stormy water to be free. A fun place and take care waters can be dangerous!

You could contact us by any of the following methods.

  1. Please Email Us. If you have sent us a message and are still awaiting a reply, please check your trash/junk mail.
  2. Phone us at 1 (403) 678-2918 AB, 1 (250) 208-8537 BC or 1 (204) 218-5817 MB & ON
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Cold and full of smartphone photographic moments.

There are few definitive how-to books on optimal living. 

Contact us; you could have added mediation and counselling, often incorporating arts support in the following. 

  • Addressing anxiety or downheartedness
  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Developing self-confidence and respect
  • Enhancing positive relationships
  • Improving communications
  • Lessening distress and trauma
  • Managing anger
  • Modifying negative patterns
  • Negotiating relationships 

It takes drive to reach out and ask for support, and we welcome your questions, comments, and bookings.  Please feel free to book with us, and we welcome you if you are a legacy or new to our services. 

We will be floating on air (or water) to hear from you! 


The Surfer's Code
Surfers from British Columbia, California, Hawaii, and other places might think about the Code next time they enjoy the waves.

Contact Addresses:

  1. C/O PO Box 8148


AB T1W 2T9

2. C/O 246 Stewart Green SW

Unit #6081

Calgary, AB T3H 3C8


Please don’t provide sensitive personal information in your first communications. 

We do not reply to Spam.

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