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The Trident Foundation’s Director, Dr. Geary, is often available to offer legal and qualitative support, including research and development services. Loosely defined research can involve a systematic investigation that is aimed at enhancing human knowledge and development. Dr. Geary is English-speaking, and she is familiar with, for example, legal structures in Common Law systems. In qualitative methods, there is a subjective interpretation of data that might emerge through the generation of codes, themes, or patterns (Hsieh & Shannon, 2005; Palmer, 1969). The multiplex world “triangulation” appears to have common use in qualitative research, although its meaning may be interpreted differently by various researchers (Bogdan & Biklen, 1998). Triangulation might refer to studies where more than one data source is applied (Bogdan & Biklen, 1998; Naumes & Naumes, 1999; Neuman, 1997). Researchers should not be confined to one data set alone, as this often helps to limit biases in studies.

It can be demanding to prepare for court, mediation, or arbitration. Time might be limited, and pending deadlines can become challenging to meet. When conducting legal research processes, investigators may explore empirical facts or challenges and build strategic solutions. When she conducts research, Dr. Geary often consults legal resources, such as Government Acts, regulations, and case law, to provide legal information or research. Next, you can have some resources to make informed decisions about how you might address your problems. Dr. Geary could also assist you with information to develop documents such as written submissions, memorandum, and case summaries. 

The provision of legal support, such as legal health checks, information, and research, is not the same as giving legal advice about the relevance of law to an individual’s particular situation. Dr. Geary is unable to provide this legal advice. If such advice is sought, you should consult with a practicing lawyer. In sum, Dr. Geary offers some legal and qualitative support services to meet demands, including deadlines. Citations to the literature are available upon request.

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