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We understand that it can be challenging to reach out for support, and we can take the time to work with you to offer customized, value-added solutions. We offer specialized and targeted counselling support services that incorporate the following aspects.

• Cancellation policy: We seldom charge cancellation fees and recognize that life problems can waylay the most thought-out plans.

• Coverage opportunities: Your insurance may cover our services, and you would have small or no out-of-pocket expenses.

• Engaging: We engage with you to achieve tangible and sometimes magical outcomes! Whole-person-centred and interdisciplinary services provide you with a compass to explore benefits and outreach options. 

• Exploring options: We can explore options through Telehealth, eHealth and eTutoring virtual appointments, education, information and committed quality support. 

• Flexible arrangements: We communicate with you and aim for convenient scheduling to meet your work or home obligations.

• Passionate and experienced: We are well-skilled, trained and educated and are committed to serving you to identify and revisit unmet needs, including emotional and cognitive. 

• Short waitlists: Access to services via telephone or the Internet is usually under 48 hours, if not on the same day.

• Strategic, evidence-based preventative and crisis-reduction approaches: We provide access to behavioural health support by identifying personalized and customized options incorporating psychological, legal and social determinants of health, wellness and safety solutions. We make suggestions on managing your stress. The core causes of your stress, not just the symptoms, are a focus.

The Trident Mediation, Counselling and Support Foundation Inc. (“Trident Foundation”) is a not-for-profit organization. We established the Foundation in the Bow Valley, Alberta, Canada, in 1998, holding professional and university linkages from the United States to Australia. Our cumulative experiences span over thirty years of counselling, education, justice, mediation, psychology, social work, and support. We have studied conflict management processes involving direct policy and practice for several years. Over the last decades, we have collaborated with various networks and have met like-minded friends becoming an established not-for-profit organization. We have cross-sector aptitudes incorporating the following:

  • Post-doctoral (Education, Social Work)
  • Ph.D. (Work-Related Vicarious Traumatization of Professionals in the Justice System
  • Master of Arts (Psychology) 
  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Education (Further Education and Training)
  • Master of Distance Education (Awarded Distance Education Research Prize)
  • Master of Social Policy
  • Bachelor of Laws (Human rights, information technology, and intellectual property, achieving a Law Association Human Rights Prize).
  • Bachelor of Social Work

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