Eight Key Ingredients For The Good Life at 50+
Eight Key Ingredients For The Good Life at 50+

Eight Key Ingredients For The Good Life at 50+

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Evidence-based approaches often arrive at a suitable blend of “head” (theory), “heart (empathy) and “hand” (applying practical solutions). Age is one influencing factor when engaging with people from different educational, ethnic, cultural, physical, social, economic, and emotional contexts. 

As reflected in the Due South – Blue Alberta Skies – Ride Forever video with Paul Gross (YouTube), it can be challenging to be older; please click here!

Please click here for Paul Gross’s vocabulary lesson, incorporating David Marciano

Vocabulary reflects cultural differences and similarities, including between Canada and the United States, click here.



It is essential for your friends and family to “date” the real you at any age, including if you are 50 +. 


The following activities can help you to maintain or attain the good life when you are 50 + or younger.

  • Develop guided visualization to enhance self-care and self-acceptance.  
  • Access cultural supports and information, for example, to be reconnected to personal and social identities.
  • Think about mean making through regular activities, including hobbies and interests.
  • Eat good mood foods and a well-balanced diet to limit malnutrition—examples of good mood foods are nuts and seeds, fish, fruits, and grains such as oats and dark chocolate.
  • Think about financial planning incorporating setting budgets.
  • Reduce the use of alcohol and substances.
  • Evaluate your go-to stress relievers and maintain, improve or set them aside for later use.
  • Apply emotional and social strategies, including calming activities and muscle relaxation. These strategies could incorporate —photo books, singing and engaging through music, oral or life history exploration.
  • Limit clutter tripping hazards and conduct environmental health assessments where you live.
  • Undertake regular exercise that your medical or general health team recommends and monitors. Frequent tangible exercise activities could increase your physical, emotional and cognitive health to help you to continue or achieve the good life!

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