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The Trident Foundation provides events and updates mainly in the section of this website.

Underground Living: Get Relief From The Heat

The Promise of Gold at Cloncurry, Queensland: Contending with the Heat!

Dad’s and Others Spend Father’s Day With Your Family! Stay Alive! Don’t Drink and Drive!

Marking Victoria Day: If Queen Victoria was alive today!

Mother’s Day at Kananaskis, Alberta.

ANZAC Day and Conflict Management

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Easter Saturday!

Happy Family Day, Alberta! February 15, 2021

January 26: Australia Day

Planning Your Winter Short Hike 

Wishing you the very best of the season and always!

Daily Service Available During Public Holidays, including Christmas and New Year.

Washrooms and Public Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Adopting A Change Of Perspective

Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2020

Human Performance Optimization

Intercultural Stories

Managing Separation and Divorce Processes

Relaxing Through Positive Visualization


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