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Jen Geary has a substantive track record in practice and research in such areas, as human rights, aged individuals, including those in institutional care, crisis management linked to vicarious traumatization, burnout, work-related stress and compassion fatigue. As a counselor, including in the area of employee family assistance, she has have over thirty years experience. In her 2015 thesis work, which led to Jen achieving her Master of Arts (Psychology) by research she liaised with governments and professionals across six countries including Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand and the USA.

Human Performance Optimisation

Human Performance Optimisation


There are varied and numerous ways to enhance human performance to free up time for play! It is essential to be in an adequate headspace for your undertaking. Get good sleep, eat well and dress appropriately to improve your performance. You could, as an example of a few ways, look at the following links.

Step One                                                    Step Four

Step Two                                                   Step Five

Step Three

Often the more that you practice relaxation, the more effective performance is likely to be!


Adopting A Change of Perspective

Students, their families, their teachers and communities are experiencing challenges. We can often get stuck in negative patterns and distractions, and it is essential to transform these into more meaningful experiences and situations (Amendt-Lyon, 2001; Mezirow, 1991). Scott (1998) posited that there could be the personal and social transformation or a combination of both in adult education. If we cannot identify problems, we are unlikely to change ourselves and interact with others (Stevens & Spears, 2009). It is essential to suspend our judgments, immediate responses to reflect upon causes and effects (Amendt-Lyon, 2001). There is merit in developing our theories and perspectives (Conrad & Donaldson, 2004). Mezirow (1978) referred to perspective transformation and described it as being an essential aspect of development.

Students and others experience threats and weaknesses in the COVID-19 pandemic. If you adopt a positive change of perspective, these negatives could become strengths and opportunities to join with family and friends online. Please enjoy this moment in time and the world around you. It is a beautiful world!

The image immediately below is of Canmore, Alberta, and the picture below is from Cape Meares, Tillamook County, Oregon, United States. A new day begins, and with it, hope for the future. Hope springs eternal!


Relaxing Through Positive Visualisation

It is around the time that people are returning to school, and this has its own set of stressors for students, their families, teachers and communities. The benefits of photos when individuals are isolated and stressed can be significant. Also, please see the Resilience Toolkit on this website. Could your family, friends, work or networks have a collection of photos where they felt safe and happy? When they feel stressed, they can reach out for their iPhone or other smartphone and look forward to or perhaps hope that the world could be safe. If they have yet to create their photo library, they can view images from others. Please see Gallery One on this website and:

Gallery Two

 Also, click here and place your mouse on one of this other website’s photos in the Gallery section. From here, you can scroll through a row of icons. Some of these images also have sound attached, and you can turn the sound off.

The image below is of a koala in Australia.

Managing Divorce and Separation Processes

With head, heart, and hand!

Managing Divorce and Separation Processes: Private Online Classes Beginning on September 1, 2020, a facilitator with the Trident Mediation, Counseling, Arts and Supports Foundation guides you through some essential aspects to manage the process of divorce or separating from your partners while lessening the challenges for your  dependents, your finances and you. You receive suggestions on how to make balanced choices at each stage of the divorce or separation process.

Topics include:

  • Law-related and practical aspects of separation or divorce, are discussed
  • Interlocking perspectives law-related and emotional processes
  • Understanding legal culture and the impact of mediation
  • Improving settlement negotiations
  • Marital property division
  • Managing the decision to separate or divorce
  • The economic challenges of divorce
  • Developing empathy
  • Review of the agreement
  • We are divorced or separated. What now? How do we recreate our lives and manage conflict?

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