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Jen Geary has a substantive track record in practice and research in such areas, as human rights, aged individuals, including those in institutional care, crisis management linked to vicarious traumatization, burnout, work-related stress and compassion fatigue. As a counselor, including in the area of employee family assistance, she has have over thirty years experience. In her 2015 thesis work, which led to Jen achieving her Master of Arts (Psychology) by research she liaised with governments and professionals across six countries including Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand and the USA.

Underground Living: Get Relief From The Heat


Our thoughts and reflections are with Lytton, British Columbia residents, who, on June 9, experienced searing temperatures of 49.6C (121.3F) (Editor, 2021) and lost lives and properties. If you live in Western Canada or the Pacific Northwest, please not over-extend yourself during the summer (Di Liberto, 2021).

Environment and Natural Resources Canada provides Public Weather Alerts for Canada. The Bureau of Meteorology (2021) offers national warnings to Australian residents. Likewise, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (2021) provides active alerts to US residents.

If your residence is partially or fully underground, you may have relief from the summer heat. Perhaps you, like residents of Coober Pedy, South Australia, could find this kind of home to be a refuge from the heat! Conditions for Coober Pedy with underground living can be stable and secure (Radford & Corvo, 2021). Perhaps this may spark subterranean homes and lifestyles as we experience sweltering temperatures. For a brief introduction to Australian conditions, see, for example, Lee Kernaghan (2019). He holds a prestigious Order of Australia medal.


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The Promise of Gold at Cloncurry, Queensland: Contending with the Heat!


The Promise of Gold at Cloncurry

This audiovisual presentation features Cloncurry, Queensland, Australia. For a ‘pen portrait’ of Queensland, please see John Williamson (2017). Cloncurry holds many attractions, including for people who hope to locate gold and strike it rich! Cloncurry in 2012 had a temperature of 46 degrees (Seinor & Arthur, 2012). Lytton, British Columbia, experienced 46.6 degrees on Sunday, June 27, 2021. The temperature rose yet again to 49.6 on June 29 (Government of Canada, 2021). Seniors have died linked to this unprecedented heat (Taylor, 2021).

Prospectors need to live with the heat and obtain a mining license. They may have opportunities to cash in on valuable gold commodities (Barker, 2020). The closest that prospectors may come to wealth are the memories of a sunburned country and its awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets. Moreover, prospectors may expand upon their survival skills in an often harsh environment. They often need to contend with substantive climate in Australia, the world’s second driest content (Geoscience Australia, n.d.).

Natural Resources Canada (2021) mentioned that gold is applied to make jewellery. Such countries as Australia, the United States and Canada have seen gold rushes. The promise of gold includes possible prosperity (U.S. Money Reserve, n.d.). Natural Resources Canada stated, “Gold is Canada’s most valuable mined mineral with a production value of $10.3 billion in 2019”. Gold could be a means to improve your investments and possibly make your dreams come true! If you survive, the wildlife, including the crocodiles, you could have quite a tale to tell (Williamson, 2017).

What plans do you have to enhance your investment portfolio? Would the promise of gold, for example, motivate you to contend with the heat and secure your fortune at Cloncurry, Coolgardie and Laverton ghost towns in Western Australia or beyond (Tourism Australia, 2021)? Would you stay closer to home in Western North America or be at another choice destination?

Further Reading

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Dad’s and Others Spend Father’s Day With Your Family! Stay Alive! Don’t Drink and Drive!


John Williamson, a singer-songwriter who holds an Order of Australia award, brings you a song and underscores the impact of drunk driving! See John Williamson OAM This tale also rings true for during the Season and other Special Day’s including Father’s Day! Smell the alpine flowers admire a blue sky, and create memories that endure!

For further reading about Father’s Day and the first day of summer, please see the following links.

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Towards World Oceans’ Day: June 8 – Remote Airlie Beach

Music –

World Oceans Day is an opportunity for you to incorporate environmental stewardship as a way of life and balance ecological and economic considerations. There is little room to give a detailed account of the problems here, and the reading list may stimulate your thinking about the planet on which we live.  This audiovisual presentation provides you with images of remote Airlie Beach (Queensland Health, 2021). Airlie Beach is over three hours drive from Townsville in Queensland, Australia. Furthermore, Lee Kernaghan and Robby X bring you pictures from the Australian coast and more. Australians Lee and Robby provide illustrative examples of country music, including reflections from an island nation that shows their unique style (Holland, 2019).

The following paragraphs are a touchstone to enhance your awareness of a few critical issues connected to our oceans and the broader environment. Our communities of nations conduct trade and commerce, and these activities need to hold at centre focus oceans and the earth. Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, and other countries share trading and diplomatic bonds as suggested by the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (Government of Canada, 2019). Human activities, including commercial, have adverse implications for the oceans’ sustainability and the right to live in a healthy environment. Our oceans are generally unhealthy, and their capacity to lessen human poverty and disadvantage is limited. See the World Bank (2014) for more information on oceans and commercial impacts.

Market forces, including globalization and technological acceleration, have increased inequality and the oceans’ well-being. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified divisions outside nations, exacerbating economic and political divisions (International Monetary Fund, 2021). Examples of problems at work, study, and home include:

  • apathy and mistrust,
  • decreased quality of life and distress,
  • environmental degradation
  • commercial, ethnic, and political tensions,
  • inadequate health conditions,
  • unemployment and underemployment.

Increasing inequality gives the public, including policymakers and legislators, social, economic and environmental challenges. Commercial and environmental law and policy boundaries become blurred as we manage and oversee policies and practices. The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) is an example of international environmental law (Bates, 2006). The Convention is designed to safeguard the oceans and sets out states’ rights and duties to access and manage these.

Human responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have had mixed implications for the environment (Rume & Islam, 2020). While air and water quality may be improving in and around our cities, there is inappropriate disposal of medical and chemical wastes. Brittanica (n.d.) indicated that “the ocean is downstream from nearly every terrestrial location.” Think about how you will discard such items as your face masks, disinfectants, and plastics, and these often reach the oceans. You can make a difference and contribute to healthy, sustainable and vibrant oceans and environments on World Oceans Day and beyond!

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Marking Victoria Day: If Queen Victoria was alive today!

This Victoria Day Weekend marks Canada’s partly British heritage. Our democratic nation may draw strength from its citizens, residents, including seniors, neighbouring states and global communities. Please see Information exchange and networking takes place at many entry points. Eternal vigilance to foster democracy respects media and information systems incorporating inputs and outputs from bottom-up, middle-down, middle-up, and top-down Human Resources. 

Media and information systems have their roles in supporting democratic societies. Healthy inclusive dialogue between the public, including journalists and academics alike, needs to be supported. Each person and group have a role in maintaining and improving checks and balances against the misuse of power and control that neglects seniors, people of differing ethnicities, educational and work levels, the environment and other characteristics. It is crucial for media and information services to value, for example, freedom of speech and accessibility.

Images can be an essential part of media and information systems and encourage environmental awareness and stewardship Deer Walk.  See:

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Victoria Day