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Stories of Lands and Peoples Through Photographic Lenses 


Over the years, we at the Trident Foundation (Canada) and its families and friends have had opportunities to travel to various locations and see many animals, including in cities, coastlands, desertlands, forestlands, Lakelands, and mountain lands. These locations share both unique and shared features. Within our photographic collection emerges a portrait of lands and peoples. The photographic collection includes cities and sites lying well beyond urban fringes. The images on this website range from:\

  • United States desertlands.
  • Canadian Lakelands and mountain lands
  • Australian desertlands 
  • European cities and cultural artifacts, 
  • African animals (including wildlife).

People often live near the coastlands and Lakelands and cluster around cities and towns. Mountainlands and desertlands, for example, extend for hundreds of kilometres. Roads and inner and sea waterways promise adventure as we meander through life pathways. Travelling to locations, we seek out often forgotten ancient knowledge and marvel at peoples’ endurance and performance under variable conditions, which informs our practice. These are valuable elements needed to survive and thrive, especially during a pandemic and with increasing world tensions and hostilities. In singer-songwriter John Lennon’s (1971) ageless words:
“You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one.

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will live as one”.

Often people prefer peace and harmony and are agreed on the problem, although they may have competing views about solutions. The human presence is fleeting compared to our earth’s history, which stretches back about 4.54 billion years, give or take 50 million years. This collection partially reflects peoples’ passions, skills and unsurpassable spirits.

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