Access Virtual Tutoring Mostly Anywhere, Anytime
Access Virtual Tutoring Mostly Anywhere, Anytime

Access Virtual Tutoring Mostly Anywhere, Anytime


Your career opportunities could be mainly limited by your imagination. This is your opportunity to meet your fullest learning potential; by exploring state-of-the-art career opportunities and strategies. You can access learning content at your preferred time,  and online discussions where you are located. You may be at spots ranging from the beach, city, and mountain to the river. From these places, you can update your skills and aptitudes. You are guided through the hidden job market and a holistic learning environment.

We offer an interdisciplinary customized approach to meet your unique learning needs and situations. We incorporate in our tutoring strategies pragmatic and grounded experiences. If your special interest area has a study guide, it is to support your active learning. Please complete your activities within the study guide for self-reflection.

You have opportunities during our time together to test out your people skills and build on your prior successes or teachable moments. Examples of people skills could be setting tangible priorities and monitoring your own and your team’s performance to achieve your objectives. You can explore and strengthen your work-life balance, reflective communications, active problem-solving, and hone your leadership skills. These aptitudes can be essential for success in mixed mode (virtual and face-to-face) personal and social contexts.

• Reflective Communications: This is a pivotal aptitude to maintain and progress meaningful relationships while negotiating the interpersonal demands of mixed-mode environments.

• Active Problem-Solving: This is another critical skill to transform novel or recurring challenging events and situations.

• Leadership: Charismatic and diplomatic leaders can have the skills to reflect calmness, finesse or style to others, guiding and influencing them by example.

These people skills are crucial and can help you establish and deepen your relationships with others at a training or job site as you continue on your career path.


Our virtual discussions are part of our shared learning environment to explore ideas, and networks and discuss your interest area or project.
Q – Do I have scheduled classes, or engage in a virtual study?
Q – Do I study via telephone, zoom, or online within units?
A – You chose the tutoring arrangements that best suit your needs. The tutoring units are very flexible.

Our weekly schedule begins on Sundays and ends on Saturdays. There is one 30-minute scheduled and complimentary teletutoring introduction session. We encourage Q&A and ask any questions related to your content. Phone us, and you will talk with a concerned and experienced adult and distance educator from the Trident Foundation.