Couples Counselling and Support
Couples Counselling and Support

Couples Counselling and Support

Travelling Mountains Peaks Together (The Advantages)
Life can be an adventure! Your partner may help give you information and guidance to process cognitive, emotional and spiritual matters. When you are with a partner, memories may become fuller and more vivid experiences as you recall people and events with the added benefit of your partner’s recollections. The advantages of including a partner as part of the cheer or griping squad to listen to you, pointing out the facts and giving an opinion can be immense. When you and your partner are in sync, you may have added energy to reach your goals.

The values of support and understanding between couples and extended families have helped create civilizations from our earliest times. Universities, colleges, and the school of life may not have trained your partner in counselling techniques and processes. Your partner may not see challenges and issues from an impartial standpoint. However, your partner’s views and perspectives can be invaluable to help you understand life problems and tribulations. Sometimes you need a friend and a listening post to work through your thoughts and feelings.

Trials and Tribulations Along The Way
Many challenges beset couples today, and relationships often take work and commitment. Couples’ stress includes psychological aspects as you decide when to spend time together and be apart. Life can be complex when your partner experiences illness, infection, disability or death. Your partner may not be immediately emotionally and practically available to continue their support, and you might profoundly miss this. Sometimes you could feel alone or rejected when your partner spends time with others and engages in independent activities. There are finances to work out as you rent or buy a home together.

You each communicate differently, which can be a blessing and a curse; nonetheless, it can help keep life’s sparkle!

No person or couple is an island unto themselves, and you may need to reach out for support to start a new chapter and to continue your lives together. You could get in touch with us to talk or to debrief!