Privacy Policy

At Trident Mediation, Counselling and Foundation Inc., we endeavour to safeguard information often needed to interact with you. We cannot guarantee privacy online, nor guarantee that face-to-face services and facilities are COVID-19 free. We make an effort to protect your privacy and confidentiality and be transparent about limitations. It is imperative that you know the limits and make informed support decisions. Please see Dr. Jen Geary (a Director of the Foundation) on Privacy: A Perspective from Australia and Canada. RFIDs, near-field communications, and mobile Payments: a guide for lawyers. The Privacy Commissioner of Canada (2004) states, “Most non-profits are not subject to the Act because they do not engage in commercial activities.” Please see Privacy Commissioner

Our servers have the following features:

• – Password Safeguarded Directories

• – SSL Manager

• – Joint SSL Certificate

• – Firewalls

• – Anti-spyware software

We collect data, including aggregated information, and store this material. We aim to meet your personal and distinctive needs. 

Your Internet Protocol address allows computers linked to the Internet to know where to transmit data so that it reaches you. We apply this data to make particular sections of this website accessible to you when you request this to assess overall Internet traffic. Please note that we are not responsible for external websites’ behaviours or policies. We do not control, influence, or directly endorse external websites.

There are exceptions to privacy in the circumstances, for example, where there is a substantive and imminent risk to self or others. We are keen to work with you. Please do not provide personal details, including your financial data, through email or chat or assume all of the risks of providing such information. Using this website, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you have questions, please get in touch with us.

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