The Promise of Gold at Cloncurry, Queensland: Contending with the Heat!


The Promise of Gold at Cloncurry

This audiovisual presentation features Cloncurry, Queensland, Australia. For a ‘pen portrait’ of Queensland, please see John Williamson (2017). Cloncurry holds many attractions, including for people who hope to locate gold and strike it rich! Cloncurry in 2012 had a temperature of 46 degrees (Seinor & Arthur, 2012). Lytton, British Columbia, experienced 46.6 degrees on Sunday, June 27, 2021. The temperature rose yet again to 49.6 on June 29 (Government of Canada, 2021). Seniors have died linked to this unprecedented heat (Taylor, 2021).

Prospectors need to live with the heat and obtain a mining license. They may have opportunities to cash in on valuable gold commodities (Barker, 2020). The closest that prospectors may come to wealth are the memories of a sunburned country and its awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets. Moreover, prospectors may expand upon their survival skills in an often harsh environment. They often need to contend with substantive climate in Australia, the world’s second driest content (Geoscience Australia, n.d.).

Natural Resources Canada (2021) mentioned that gold is applied to make jewellery. Such countries as Australia, the United States and Canada have seen gold rushes. The promise of gold includes possible prosperity (U.S. Money Reserve, n.d.). Natural Resources Canada stated, “Gold is Canada’s most valuable mined mineral with a production value of $10.3 billion in 2019”. Gold could be a means to improve your investments and possibly make your dreams come true! If you survive, the wildlife, including the crocodiles, you could have quite a tale to tell (Williamson, 2017).

What plans do you have to enhance your investment portfolio? Would the promise of gold, for example, motivate you to contend with the heat and secure your fortune at Cloncurry, Coolgardie and Laverton ghost towns in Western Australia or beyond (Tourism Australia, 2021)? Would you stay closer to home in Western North America or be at another choice destination?

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