Marking Victoria Day: If Queen Victoria was alive today!

This Victoria Day Weekend marks Canada’s partly British heritage. Our democratic nation may draw strength from its citizens, residents, including seniors, neighbouring states and global communities. Please see Information exchange and networking takes place at many entry points. Eternal vigilance to foster democracy respects media and information systems incorporating inputs and outputs from bottom-up, middle-down, middle-up, and top-down Human Resources. 

Media and information systems have their roles in supporting democratic societies. Healthy inclusive dialogue between the public, including journalists and academics alike, needs to be supported. Each person and group have a role in maintaining and improving checks and balances against the misuse of power and control that neglects seniors, people of differing ethnicities, educational and work levels, the environment and other characteristics. It is crucial for media and information services to value, for example, freedom of speech and accessibility.

Images can be an essential part of media and information systems and encourage environmental awareness and stewardship Deer Walk.  See:

Victoria Day 2021 and

Victoria Day