Mother’s Day at Kananaskis, Alberta.


Mother’s Day at Kananaskis. This day is often celebrated on the second Sunday of May and is a time to reflect on the mothers, parents, other family members, mentors, or friends in our lives and our experiences together!American singer-songwriter Jennifer Judy “JJ” Heller seems to give an autobiographical account of her family experiences in A Mother Like You. Gratitude for people, places, and life’s golden moments is of critical importance, including during a pandemic. This audiovisual presentation features Kananaskis.

Kananaskis is nestled in the Rockies Mountains, and it is about 99 kilometres from Calgary. This location’s valleys date back at least 12,000 years, and the mountains are predated to around two million years (Alberta Parks, 2018). During the story of our earth, we have had avalanches, floods, earthquakes, and the like! Humankind has survived natural, and human-made disasters. COVID-19’s effects have been with us relatively speaking for the “blink of an eye.” The COVID-19 pandemic is not likely to be infinite, although it may test your capacities to bounce back, plan your short- and long-term goals and daily activities. The COVID-19 pandemic is life-threatening and, for the foreseeable future, seems to be an ongoing situation.

Mothers, parents, family members, mentors, or friends on this special day and other times of the year often try to support and shelter us from extreme events and contexts. In the absence of others, we have opportunities for self-nurturing activities to replenish our mind, body, and spirit! Stress management can be both unique and a shared process and is a step towards cognitive and physical health, lessening blood pressure levels, cardio, lung, and musculoskeletal challenges and increasing equilibrium (John Hopkins University, 2020). As part of a rudimentary and continuing resilience toolkit to develop or restore physical and cognitive fitness, please remember to:

– Focus on your deep breathing.

– Envision that each “cloud has a silver lining.” If you have difficulty in believing this, nurture a hopeful mindset.

– Walk a mile in another’s shoes and have social and self-empathy.

– Be receptive to new experiences. For example, immerse yourself in the green and notice what you can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste.

COVID-19 has engendered or exacerbated feelings of being alone, even in crowded rooms. This period is a time to read and reflect on how you can letter write, phone, and virtually communicate with others through email, text, and listserv. Ongoing stress is often tiring (Rau & Fanselow, 2007)! Life during a pandemic often heightens fatigue, and it at such a time that you pause to smell the roses and to ponder upon the beauty of blue skies and white puffy clouds!

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