Celebrating Mother Earth

Such countries as Australia, Brazil, China and Mexico have a rich biodiversity. This audiovisual material includes parts of the coastal area and The Glass House Mountains in Queensland.

Beach Beerburrum & Glass House Mountains, QLD

Lyster, Lipman, Frankin et al. noted in 2007 that the surface area of Australia, Brazil, China and Mexico is but one-tenth of the earth’s surface but holds seven-tenths of this planet’s biodiversity. In 2007 eight tenths of Australia’s florae and animals were unique to this nation. Our focus in this post and website is to provide you with images from  Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Biodiversity fluctuates and is not fixed (The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, n.d.). Perhaps each year, our ‘furred’ and other animal friends suffer from loss of territory through human agency, including the mismanagement of environmental assets, alterations to waterways and the forces of nature, including winds and erosion. When you visit your favourite lake, mountain, ocean, or river, please remember to bring nothing with you but memories and leave nothing behind but footprints to help protect our earth!

You can travel from the highest peaks to the deepest caverns in your mind’s eyes and enjoy reflections from our continuing and breathing earth and its supporters.


John Denver – Earth Day Every Day

John Denver – Thank God I’m a Country Boy

Lee Kernaghan – Flying with the King

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