Happy Easter Saturday +

Easter is a time for family or friends in person or virtually and sharing hope with a new unique season. Of course, projects like decorating your hard-boiled eggs or looking for chocolate ones can be loads of fun! You can also go on virtual tours to mountain terrains.

On The Mountain 2020: The Easter Bunny in AB and BC

For an image of beautiful mountains in Alberta, please click below:

The Rocky Mountains on Easter Saturday

Whatever your thoughts or beliefs are about the meaning of Easter and its significance, the long weekend is a time to spend time with family as you are reminded that it is no longer winter, and you can look forward to a new season.

You may note down items in your gratitude journal. You could write, I am grateful to be in another season. You can do this kind of activity and support your family and friends to think about what is positive in their lives. Metaphorically each dark cloud may have a silver lining! The sun is shining, and if you listen carefully, sometimes you can hear the birds singing, and this is nature’s lullaby. To read more about this particular time; please see:

The Easter Woodpecker in Bow Valley Provincial Park