Wishing you the very best of the season and always!

The current pandemic conditions create threats and weaknesses. Yet, there are also opportunities to grow and become stronger as we adapt our lifestyles, including study, work, and social practices to meet current situations. The Trident Foundation aims to be in the best possible position to raise awareness of the benefits of visual and supporting methods as a means to reduce distress, including from COVID-19’s impact. Best practices take time and careful planning to develop. Also, we plan to adapt the subject matter pertinent to people with different ideas, values, and beliefs.

Vaccinations against COVID-19 are not accessible for all people. The advent of the new mutation of COVID-19 VUI-202012/01 in England is currently under investigation. Questions and reservations about having vaccinations continue to be pressing psychological, biological, environmental, economic, social, technological and legal pandemic circumstances. It is unlikely that the next winter/s that education, work, and lifestyles will have returned to pre—COVID-19 conditions. COVID-19 impacts are realities. Perhaps it is impossible to return to pre-COVID-19 conditions when they have affected so many countries with people of various ages and interests for an extended time.

The art of survival/personal and social resiliency often takes time and application. Students and workers take time during this season to be in, for example, telephone-based and online contact with friends and loved ones. It can be a tall order for students, workers, other people, researchers, administrators, and practitioners, to find places to be outdoors and be physically distanced. Safe and adaptable methods limit the impacts of COVID-19 call for ongoing observations, research, and mediation, counselling, and supportive practices. It also takes time to ascertain what retail outlets have the lowest infection levels and preferable shopping and service methods. These conditions often seem to be both static and dynamic. It is difficult for students, workers, and people as they or more of their relatives and friends become infected or do not survive pandemic conditions. Also, some people seem to be more concerned that they will infect others than their well-being.

In December 2020, at Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada, we observed people enjoying the outdoors. The outdoors includes beaches, rivers, deserts, fields, and mountains. People can be responsible, have fun and exercise outside, savouring every life moment! Be kind to yourselves and others. We are indeed in this situation together!

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