Relaxing Through Positive Visualisation

It is around the time that people are returning to school, and this has its own set of stressors for students, their families, teachers and communities. The benefits of photos when individuals are isolated and stressed can be significant. Also, please see the Resilience Toolkit on this website. Could your family, friends, work or networks have a collection of photos where they felt safe and happy? When they feel stressed, they can reach out for their iPhone or other smartphone and look forward to or perhaps hope that the world could be safe. If they have yet to create their photo library, they can view images from others. Please see Gallery One on this website and:

Gallery Two

 Also, click here and place your mouse on one of this other website’s photos in the Gallery section. From here, you can scroll through a row of icons. Some of these images also have sound attached, and you can turn the sound off.

The image below is of a koala in Australia.