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About Us

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From Director, Jen Geary

Welcome to our website!

The Trident Mediation, Counselling and Support Foundation (1998)

I am a director of the Trident Mediation, Counselling and Support Foundation (TMCSF). Since 1998 TMCSF has provided people with mediation, counselling, and support. I first started counselling when I was sixteen helping out homeless people who experienced substance abuse problems. From my birth year onwards, I have been a dual national, holding citizenships of Canada and Australia and have worked with governments, non-government organizations and special interest groups.



The Trident Mediation Counseling and Supports Foundation

In 2017 I helped with establishing the Trident Mediation, Counseling, Arts and Supports Foundation (TMCASF) also becoming a director.

Together TMCSF and TMCASF work in partnership to offer diverse support options encouraging you to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Our Aims

One of our shared aims is to see you succeed with us, no matter your needs. Support should be diverse to meet your whole-of-person and individualized requirements.

Our Services and Fees

We offer a range of services to fit your situation. It can be challenging to reach out for help; we offer you practical tips and tricks. Improved health reduces your risks of heart complaints, diabetes, and stroke. We have adopted a comprehensive approach to mediation, counselling, the arts, and supports to provide you with various tools to reach your tangible goals.


We talk with you over the phone for about 30-mins often at no cost.  If you are outside of North America then our conversation would need to be through our contact form. If you choose to have a formal session, the fee is often $100. You may be able to claim the payments through your health insurance provider, so you have few, if any, out-of-pocket costs. We are privileged to provide administrative and services to people. 

In Summary

After exploring your needs, we work with you to create an action plan to enhance your stamina, rights and growth potential. We support you to become personally and socially resilient with optimal health and well-being. Our guiding policies, practices, and technology applications are customized and adapted to meet your particular needs, situations, and the contexts in which you live.

Thank you for having taken the time out of your day to visit and read this message!

Yours in health!

Jen Geary

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