Trident Foundation: and Whole Foods

With head, heart and hand!

The Trident Foundation was established as a not for profit organization and has helped individuals, employees and families since 1998. Ask us about our recipe book for baked treats. These generally start from scratch and can be both wholesome and flavoursome. Many readers have told us that the recipes are unique and delicious. These treats include third generation Australian, British and Canadian. They can be made from the traditional ingredients or adapted to be made without refined:
– Flours
– Margarines and
– Sugars

Examples of recipes for these treats include:
– Ambrosias
– ANZAC Cookies
– Apricot Snow Balls
– Assortments of pies and pastries
– Baklava
– Brownies
– Blueberry Peanut Butter Oatmeal, Cranberry Orange (and other muffins)
– Chocolate Chia Seed Granola Bars
– Chocolate Macaroons
– Chocolate Rum Balls
– Chocolate and other croissants
– Ginger Apricot (and differing fruit cakes)
– Honey Nut Snaps
– Honey Spelt Banana and Gingerbread. (various sweet and savoury breads.)
– Jarlsberg Cheesy Bites
– Molasses Cake
– Muesli (toasted and un-toasted)
– Old English Matrimonials
– Old English Black Cake
– Pavlova
– Peanut Butter Rice Treats (vegan)
– Queen Elizabeth Cake
– Raisin Cookies
– Raw Cheese Cake
– Raw Walnut Brownies
– Scones (sweet and savoury)
– Variety Packs
– An assortment of loaves (including apricot marmalade, walnut and date.)
– Other

What recipe book for whole foods would be complete without special teas? The Trident Foundation, also as part of its fund-raising efforts offers a selection of teas:

– Apricot Escape (Caffeine Free)
– Big Sur
– Classic Black
– Crimson Oolong
– Darjeeling
– Earl Grey
– Earl Grey Creme
– Egyptian Chamomile (Caffeine Free)
– English Breakfast
– Feel Better (Caffeine Free)
– French Lemon Ginger (Caffeine Free)
– Herbal Earl Grey
– London
– Matcha Grade A
– Mint (Caffeine Free)
– Pu-Erh
– Rooibos
– Sleep (Caffeine Free)
– Throat Therapy
– Yerba Mate
– Other

We accept Interac and e-transfer. There can be discounts for bulk orders. Each bite or sip of tea you have helps us to assist individuals, families and employees towards locating timely and necessary supports including, for example, counselling and information services, foods and shelter!

The images in the slideshow on this page mainly show the Bow Valley in Alberta.

You can use the Trident Mediation, Counseling, Arts and Supports Foundation’s (“Trident Foundation’s”) materials in your projects (online videos (i.e. Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, …), websites, animations, Royalty Free provided that you credit the Trident Foundation (in the description). For example, Audiovisual materials: Trident Foundation

The Trident Foundation is only a chat, contact form or phone call away!

1-403-678-2918 (AB)

1- 250-208-8537 (BC)

1-541-224-6144 (OR)