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    • The Trident Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation. The Trident Foundation is called a “Foundation” in part because it believes that it can be a cornerstone to quality of life for Canadians and world citizens generally. It is an organisation founded to support altruistic services to individuals, couples and families and to enhance meaningful corporate citizenship. The Trident Foundation aims to provide quality online and face-to-face outreach services to those in need wherever possible. Face-to-face, telephone and Internet support is offered to individuals, families, groups and organisations. The Trident Foundation thanks the Telus Corporation for its assistance with hosting services.

This national Foundation has locations in such locations as in Alberta and British Columbia. Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI) is a means for you to gain access to education and development services (Canadian Bar Association n.d.; Department of Justice, 2015). Through these services, you have opportunities to receive personalized PLEI material to identify and share information about legal aspects to address your needs. We offer you opportunities to extend your legal and public knowledge. Benefits of this include that you can become more confident in your everyday life. You can take stock and undertake legal health checks. You could elect to become actively involved in the democratic processes of government, then shape legal policies and practices to assist others who may experience similar situations.

1. Service recipients

The Trident Foundation is committed to providing consumer-driven, high-quality services based upon the needs of service recipients. Service recipients include, but are not limited to, individuals, families, groups and organisations. Recipients may include those who are in need of the services that The Trident Foundation offers. Examples of recipients include employees, the socially, educationally or legally disadvantaged, persons with disabilities and caregivers, seniors, sole parents, offenders, victims and other similar groups. The Trident Foundation supports recipients to achieve their maximum desired potential. The Trident Foundation is a networked organisation that involves members in the world community. The Trident community has a cross-disciplinary ethos to enable it to develop stability and strength.

2. Fees

The fees for services rendered are often based on a sliding scale. Service recipients who may be experiencing emotional, law related, financial, social, cultural and other needs are served, where appropriate, face-to-face, through email or the Internet and via other forms of outreach services. When the Trident Foundation considers it to be appropriate, referrals are made to other organisations.

3. Contacting the Trident Foundation

The Trident Foundation often makes early contact with recipients who may have reached a time of intolerable strain. It is anticipated that timely and comprehensive support will prevent problems from occurring before they reach dangerous and destructive proportions. The Trident Foundation has the potential to reduce the risk to recipients of, becoming humiliated because they have had to repeat their stories to any number of other professionals.

Contact the Trident Foundation and you are likely to be in communication with a friendly and concerned professional who often will briefly discuss your situation with you, with a view to making an appointment to connect with you, where and when appropriate. Contact can occur by telephone, e-mail, or messaging.

The Trident Foundation is only a phone call or an email away!

Phone: 1-403-678-2918

Email: info@tridentfoundation.net

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