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The Trident Foundation’s vision is to create a just and humane society by developing empathy in relationships between governments, cross-disciplinary professionals, and the public to safeguard and improve human rights (Walker as cited by Bartolucc, 2019). Rights are based on individuals’ claims to the “…enjoyment of human rights and freedoms generally acknowledged as fundamental to his or her existence as a human being and as a free individual in society” (Fonteyne, McNaughton, & Stellios, 2003, p. 191). Human rights include political, economic, social and cultural rights (Ginger & Ginger, 2002; International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 2005). The Trident Foundation envisions that work with others could help to meet human rights requisites; and living conditions that are both proportionate and humane. The Trident Foundation sets out to enhance individuals’ emotional, cognitive, legal, and physical health, and well-being. It envisions that well-being is improved through mediation, counselling, the arts, and supports including public legal education and information, legal and qualitative research. 

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The images in the slideshow on this page mainly show Oregon’s geographical diversity ranging from deserts to mountains.

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