With head, heart and hand!

The Trident Foundation is familiar with many of the benefits and limitations of remote and face-to-face support environments. The Foundation values interdisciplinary teams that incorporate various experiences.  Equity and related issues are important to the Foundation.  Often it assists you to build on your lifelong learning including prior learning experiences to transcend the effects of negative circumstances. The Foundation explores with you varying life options and arrangements. These kinds of factors inform the Foundation’s practices. It often refers you through to community resources to optimize your work, study and family situations.

The Foundation can be a “guide on the side” to support you as you explore your problems in living. There are so many benefits to you having hope and taking one day at a time. The Foundation provides such support services as intake, evaluation, referral, and booking work for you to access services. For a directory of the Foundation’s particular services please see the pages on this website. The Foundation is just a phone call, message, or an email away!