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often when we become stressed or distressed, we tend to focus on the past and the future, not to take time to reflect on the beauty of the moment, and the world around us. The Trident Foundation aims to bring you sketches of that beauty in the hope that this prompts you to discuss, draw, paint, photograph, quilt, write, or to otherwise replicate your environment or at the very least to spend some time outside. Go out explore now! You can do it to destress and to be re-energised through the magic of nature!

Positive mental imagery of a range of scenes from landscapes to wildlife can present opportunities to lessen “dis-ease” and to enjoy immense landscapes. Canadian Robert Batemen said, “Nature is magic!” (Bateman Foundation Gallery of Nature, 2014). When dis-ease becomes chronic or acute traumatic images may be replaced with positive. There are few “cookie cutter” approaches as to what images you might find to be positive. This is a personal choice based upon a range of circumstances including your biological, psychological, and social attributes. Once you find images that work for you then these are literally a keyboard stroke or room away. This could possibly help you if you are becoming stressed to transform flight or fight responses into strategic thinking and actions (Harvard Health Publishing, 2011). A caveat to be born in mind here is that this approach often augments, but does not replace support from your family, friends, and qualified mediation, counseling, or support professionals. Also, there are quick fixes if you feel sad or anxious. The Trident Foundation extends Geary’s (2008) doctoral work on work-related vicarious traumatization, post-traumatic stress disorder, burnout, and compassion fatigue. The Foundation develops images and sound and provides such services as mediation, counseling, and an arts focus in its support activities. These links are to external websites:


Canmore, Alberta and Changeable Weather


A North American Collection

Banff National Park, Bow Lake and Golden

Banff and Canmore in June: High Country

Canmore: After A Storm And At Sunrise

Canmore Bull Elk and Greens

Canmore: By Day And At Sunset

Canmore Alberta: Eagle Tce. to Quarry Lake Reservoir

Canmore and Kananaskis in Soft Mist

Canmore:Up and Around

Wild Flowers at Bow Valley Provincial Park, Kananaskis Country, Alberta




Wildlife Alberta  


Bow Summit


Victoria, Australia and the Great Ocean Road


From Coast to Sky: British Columbia and Alberta

Mountain and Woodland Creatures


Banff: Canada’s First National Park in Alberta

Banff and Canmore: Towns of the Albertan Rocky Mountains

Bow Summit + at Banff National Park

Echidna Victoria, Australia 

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