250 Healing Ways
250 Healing Ways

250 Healing Ways

Different approaches to counseling.
We offer services to you combining head (cognition), heart (empathy), and hand (practice)!




Different approaches to counseling.
Staying calm is key during mediation, which can occur in different settings such as environmental, family, commercial, and public policy. Counselling can help you to relax.


Are you struggling with life issues or needs? We are here to create with you, for example, tailored assistance and remedies derived from 250 different healing methods.

Our Aims

We aim across our services to empower you and apply the power of networks to help you in difficult times. Moreover, our goal is to help you on the journey to personal growth and resilience. Consequently, we continue to add to the thousands of hours of pro bono services that we have given over several years.

Different approaches to counseling.
Radium Hot Springs is an exceptional location with the ability to stimulate memory and inspire creativity.

Our Healing Approaches

For instance, we focus on personal and social well-being once you contact us:

  • we provide pro bono support: a 30-minute complimentary session for individuals, couples, families, and organizational members from all backgrounds;
  • welcome people from different ethnicities, disability, genders, sexual orientations, ages, military or para-military experience;
  • support people through burn-out, distress, grief, personal and social relationships, and isolation;
  • often help to identify and address sources of struggle, develop coping strategies, and find suitable resources;
  • tailor strategies to meet individuals, couples, or families or organizations contexts and needs;
  • implement counselling, social, law-related, and educational services;
  • offer a safe and confidential space for people to reflect and make life changes;
  • apply several healing approaches based on your particular requisites and contexts.


Different approaches to counseling.
Consider treating your loved ones or friends to a delightful picnic experience at Banff National Park. It presents a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time together while enjoying the serene surroundings.


Furthermore, please remember, we are around to support you in:

  • Achieving personal and social milestones with personalized support.
  • Making suggestions to get the support you need often when it matters most.


Different approaches to counseling.
The aspiration of encountering a lush spring materialized in this spot overlooking Kelowna.


In conclusion, our goal is to assist you in becoming your best self and promoting inclusive relationships by providing personalised mediation, counselling, supports and art-based services. We are dedicated to maximizing human potential.

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