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The Trident Foundation (“Foundation”) was established as a not-for-profit organisation in 1998. The Trident Foundation aims to develop the lives of individuals, couples, families, and organisations across the provinces, nations and in international jurisdictions. Navaneelan (2017) through Statistics Canada indicates that:

“Suicide is a major cause of premature and preventable death. It is estimated, that in 2009 alone, there were about 100,000 years of potential life lost to Canadians under the age of 75 as a result of suicides.
Research shows that mental illness is the most important risk factor for suicide; and that more than 90% of people who commit suicide have a mental or addictive disorder.1,2 Depression is the most common illness among those who die from suicide, with approximately 60% suffering from this condition.3,4 No single determinant, including mental illness, is enough on its own to cause a suicide. Rather, suicide typically results from the interaction of many factors, for example: mental illness, marital breakdown, financial hardship, deteriorating physical health, a major loss, or a lack of social support.5”

The Trident Foundation provides opportunities for you to receive timely assistance face-to-face, through the telephone, or over the Internet. The Foundation delivers “one stop shopping” with such services, as counselling, mediation, and support to begin to address a diversity of factors that range from mental health to social issues. The Trident Foundation offers supportive services such as conflict management, employee and family assistance, gambling reduction or prevention, Public Legal Education and Information, qualitative including case study research, therapies: individual, couple and family, and tutoring.


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The Trident Foundation offers a diverse set of service options that can be beneficial to assist you before your life problems reach damaging, or life-threatening proportions. The Trident Foundation provides you with:

    • Coverage Opportunities: insurance providers could cover The Trident Foundation’s services. You may have small or no out-of-pocket expenses.
    • Flexible Arrangements: The Trident Foundation works with you aiming for you to have convenient scheduling to meet your work or home obligations.
    • Short Wait List: Access to services through the telephone or the Internet is usually under 48 hours, if not on the same day.
    • Prevention Approaches: The Trident Foundation makes suggestions as to how manage your stress.
    • Short & Long Term Help: The Trident Foundation focuses on the core causes of your stress, not just the symptoms.
    • Webpages: These Webpages do not create any lawyer and client or counsellor and client relationship.  These Webpages are not intended to provide legal advice and do not offer this. You should consult with a lawyer who is familiar with the issues and the laws of your country.

Dr. Geary is a director of the Trident Foundation. In 2008 she was awarded her Ph.D. Later through continuing studies Dr. Geary was awarded her LLB and MA (Psychology) degrees. In 2009 she was the recipient of the New South Wales Bar Association Human Rights Prize. In Dr. Geary’s thesis work for her MA she liaised with governments and professionals across six countries. In sum, she has an interdisciplinary background and an eclectic practice. Dr. Geary’s scholarship lies at the intersection of such areas as human rights, education, social work, psychology, health services, international relations and the arts. She is an educational counselling and forensic practitioner, who is informed by both practice and research in such aspects as law. This provides Dr. Geary with opportunities for international collaboration, and to develop her interests in such areas as holistic preventative legal and health services.

Dr. Geary often assists you with your decision-making approaches, and broadly she offers counselling, educational, mediation, and legal support. She examines a variety of topics including Public Legal Education and Information from a human rights perspective. Dr. Geary has thirty years of counselling experience and has written three books, two research theses, chapters in edited books, as well as numerous articles. Overall, the circumstances that surround special populations, including distressed employees, members of the public, and older prisoners called her to collect diverse information, and to undertake various research strategies, and practices.


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  • Please contact Director Jen Geary (PhD, BSW, MSW, MDED, MED, MA [Psychology]), Master of Social Policy, LLB.) for assistance!
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